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Canada Gears Up For International Tournament of Natal 2015

Allysha Chapman and Erin McLeod on hand to compete.

Rich Lam/Getty Images

The International Tournament of Natal 2015  kicks off Wednesday with Canada facing Mexico- a team they may face during Olympic Qualifiers in the Spring. Also competing in the four nation tournament is Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago.

The last time the team played in the Brazil tournament was 2013, when they finished third behind Brazil and Chile.

Canada's roster is heavy on youth, with Houston's Erin McLeod and Allysha Chapman joining a small group of national team veterans amongst younger players. Janine Beckie, a senior who currently plays at Texas Tech is also amongst the group.

Full Roster:
Stephanie Labbe - GK
Erin McLeod- GK
Shelina Zadorsky- CB
Allysha Chapman- FB
Kennedy Faulknor- FB
Rhian Wilkinson- FB
Rebecca Quinn- FB
Kadeisha Buchanan- FB
Marie-Eve Nault- FB
Josee Belanger- FB
Diana Matheson- M
Deanne Rose- M
Desiree Scott- M
Ashley Lawrence- M
Jessie Fleming- M
Gabrielle Carle- F
Marie Levasseur- F
Christine Sinclair- F
Melissa Tancredi- F
Janine Beckie- F
Nichelle Prince- F

Canada's schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, December 9th: Canada v. Mexico, 4:15 PM EST
Sunday, December 13th: Canada v. Trinidad & Tobago, 4:30 PM EST
Wednesday, December 16th: Canada v. Brazil, 6:45 PM EST

The third place match will be held Sunday, December 20th at 2:00 PM EST, with the final following at 4:30 PM EST.

To date, Canada Soccer has not announced a stream to watch the game, instead they will be tweeting updates.