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The Brotherly Fleecing: Wenger, Maidana trade a little less rosy from the Philadelphia Union side

Eugene Rupinski of the Brotherly Game is less than happy about what the Union got for Maidana and Wenger.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After Monday's announcement about Houston acquiring Cristian Maidana and Andrew Wenger from the Philadelphia we immediately hit up Eugene Rupinski of the Brotherly Game to get his thoughts on the deal. Turns out he's a little upset.

So Houston folks, we meet again. You might remember me from when you acquired Sheanon Williams from the Philadelphia Union for allocation money. Now you've acquired Cristian Maidana and Andrew Wenger for more allocation money and the sixth pick in the upcoming SuperDraft.

Seriously, what did the Union ever do to you? Why do the keep robbing them?

You beat them in their only playoff appearance, and now you've taken two of their best players for allocation money and a Draft Pick. What's next, trading us some magic beans for the deed to the stadium? You have a player who created 15 goals for this Union team. A team that was sixteenth in the league in goals scored with 43 had roughly one-third of those goals assisted by Maidana, who played in just 25 games this year. You just got him to play behind Giles Barnes and Will Bruin (and perhaps Cubo Torres as well), feeding those guys service. He was tied with Sebastien Giovinco on the last day of the season for the lead in assists. On the Union. A draft pick and some allocation money. Good lord.

Magic Beans? Who told you about our magic beans? No one is supposed to know about those! We don't have any magic beans!

You also got Andrew Wenger, who had a good season in 2014 but a rather poor one in 2015. Perhaps the Dynamo will be able to unlock his potential - something the Union did but couldn't sustain and something the Montreal Impact could never do. If nothing else, he'll be a serviceable utility player - something all MLS clubs should have one of. Again, bundled in with Maidana. For some pretend money and right to a player you don't even have yet.

Anyways treat these guys well, and don't try and take my wallet on the way out.

Hmm, wallet good call. We'll be needing that next time we talk friend.