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Dash Lose Poliana & Rosana to Residency Camp

More national team players opt out for the NWSL in a crucial year for women's soccer.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Barely two months after being signed, the Dash announced Wednesday Brazilian internationals Poliana and Rosana will not be joining the team for the 2015 NWSL Season. Instead, they will remain with their national team for an eighteen month training program to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Unarguably, 2015 is a busy year for women's soccer with the Women's World Cup taking place this summer in Canada, and preparations for the Rio Olympics underway. Many teams saw national team players opt not to return for the 2015 season. The availability of the U.S. and Canadian national team players is still murky, at best and Mexico, who scaled back allocated participation in the 2015 season have stated players will not be available until, at the earliest, July.