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Editor's Notes: Vegas rolls snake eyes and DC United get an armadillo

A little bit of this and a little bit of that as MLS calls in a moderator for CBA negotiations and Vegas rolls snake eyes on an expansion team.

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Happy Valentine's Day

So initially I was going to round up some of the funnier MLS Valentine's Day cards, but then I saw what AJ Cochran did for someone and well he wins at Valentine's Day.

"Don't have a Valentine to buy lunch for so I thought this was the next best thing #payitforward"

Seriously, AJ is the best.

Don't have a Valentine to buy lunch for so I thought this was the next best thing #payitforward

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To play or not to play

That is the question we still don't have an answer to. While preseason is in full swing there still isn't a CBA in place for the season ahead. To help things along MLS owners and the MLSPU have brought in a mediator to help the two sides find some common ground. Federation Mediation and Conciliation Services

A mediator, George Cohen, was brought in during the 2010 negotiations and is largely viewed as a reason the two side were able to come to an agreement.

What happens in Vegas..

While we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas something that won't be staying or in this case coming to Vegas is MLS. Last week, Major League Soccer sent a letter to the mayor of Las Vegas letting them know that the city was no longer in consideration for expansion in 2018. While not a surprise, it's still a bit sad to see Vegas get the ax.

A major non-stadium related question surrounding the team is the one that asks if there is enough local support for a fan base. While chances are fans from opposing teams will look to travel to Vegas for games it may be a steeper hill locally. The local market needs to be able to fill the stadium on its own, a currently hypothetical stadium that the city has been working on building.

Dear Mayor Goodman,

I want to truly thank you for your efforts to bring an MLS expansion Club to Las Vegas. We deeply appreciate all of the work that you and your City Council members have done to support the development of a soccer stadium in your thriving downtown. Unfortunately, given the timing of our expansion rollout and the uncertainty as to when we might be able to move forward in Las Vegas, we are no longer considering Las Vegas as an expansion market until after 2018. We have truly enjoyed working with you, your office and the Findlay and Cordish groups. We would look forward to revisiting this in the future and believe that given the right circumstances. Las Vegas would be a vibrant and successful market for an MLS Expansion Club.

Sincerely, Don Garber

To the victor go the spoils

If you haven't seen the trophy for the ATX Pro Challenge behold the greatest trophy ever.

Seriously, everyone wants this thing.

In the end DC United won the 'Dillo and naturally Bobby Boswell was the one escorting it around.

Yes! #thedilloisours #dcupreseason #dcu #atxprochallenge

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