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Fantasy MLS Released for the 2015 Season

Managers are now able to craft their rosters for gameweek one which begins on March 6.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Major League Soccer opened up Fantasy MLS to the public, allowing managers to sign up and start crafting their teams for the start of the season on March 6.

You can sign up and begin selecting the players you want to see on your roster at

Many aspects of FMLS stay the same, but a lot of recommended changes have made it into the game this year. Outlined in the first Starting Lineup segment of this season, Andrew Wiebe and Jason Saghini go over some of the changes that made it into this year's version of MLS Fantasy:


  • $120 million roster made up of 18 players.
  • Head-to-head and overall leagues.
  • Scoring remains the same.


  • Prices fluctuate based on performances
  • Players change value compared to average
  • No more sell on fees
  • Auto subs (you have the ability to toggle between auto/manual subbing
  • Transfer windows open on Mondays.

The sooner you settle on your roster, the more time you have to toy with it as you build up to the first gameweek of the season. We'll have more for you in terms of picking your roster in some of the later pieces in the coming weeks.

Get out there, FMLS fans!