Possible Kit leak [low resolution]?


@TotalMLS on Twitter looked to have found some sort of image of new 2015 jerseys on display along a wall. The Dynamo jersey lurking in the background is unmistakable. The photo, which appears alongside this shot as well, has a string of the 2015 MLS kits along the wall. The Dynamo shirt could be an alteration of the Estro 15 template found here. It features a thick white border at the hem, a white collar, and a distinctive orange/white gradient through the middle. It also appears to be the same shirt as the 2015 Mexico jersey but with the distinctions above. Taken in combination with the Dynamo's Instagram teaser photo a few weeks ago, we might expect different materials in what I would assume to be a mesh on the shoulder, a white sleeve cuff, and polyester material for the rest of the shirt.