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Editor's Notes: Dynamo preseason, Cubo Torres in Houston and more!

While Houston remains undefeated in Arizona, Cubo Torres stopped by Houston to see fans. All is not well for the USMNT or USWNT

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason hotness

Saturday night fans got their first and, well, only look at the team's preseason play in Arizona. Last week they had a 3-2 unstreamed win over the San Jose Earthquakes and followed it up Saturday with a 1-1 streamed draw against the Portland Timbers.

There were a lot of reasons to be excited after watching the game. Leonel Miranda, the lone goal scorer for the Dynamo, being a big one. The midfielder looked great in the game against the Timbers, but the problem is the Dynamo already have a full midfield. To get the start Miranda would have to displace Boniek Garcia or Ricardo Clark and it is hard to see either of those things happening.

Also, looking great is trialist Rob Lovejoy. The rookie out of North Carolina scored in the match-up against San Jose and showed his strength again against the Timbers.

Not looking so hot was Jason Johnson who lasted a whole minute before being ejected from the game against the Timbers. While most watching the game agree that a straight red was a harsh call he has to work on controlling his temper. Yes, the tackle was dirty, but his reaction was just as bad.

For fans who are worried about team depth the team still has some signing left to do according to team president Chris Canetti. "I can't say anymore. As I said last time, we are looking to make at least one more addition, excluding any of the unsigned players in camp that are vying for spots," said Canetti about adding more players to the roster.

Misconduct Summary

A quick look at the misconduct summary from the match against the Timbers.

HOU: Brad Davis (caution) 20
HOU: Jason Johnson (ejection) 56
PTL: Norberto Paparatto (caution) 56
PTL: Dairon Asprilla (caution) 63
HOU: AJ Cochran (caution) 67

Totally looking forward to matches reffed by Edwin Jurisevic this season.

He really does exist!

Erick Cubo Torres made a quick stop in Houston on Sunday for a press conference and a meet and greet with fans. The striker won't be joining Houston until later this summer as he is on loan to Guadalajara right now. Still it is good to see him in Houston and doing his goal celebration.

USMNT Drama, USWNT Drama

Every time Jurgen Klinsmann speaks he seemed to land himself in trouble with fans and media. His recent comment on a lack of fitness from players has ignited a firestorm among fans and media. His statements included several incorrect facts about MLS and just how long the players have off. He followed it up by saying that American players, fans and media need to get more educated about soccer. Oh yeah that went over like a lead balloon.

Klinsmann isn't the only National team coach that fans have grown discontent with as Jill Ellis is no fan favorite. No one is really sure what Ellis is doing with the USWNT and I'm not really sure if Ellis herself knows either. The team quickly imploded on Sunday against France giving up two quick goals to Les Blues. While the team had no problem qualifying for the Women's World Cup they looked porous against France and that is a major concern as the Women's World Cup draws closer. There has been a lot of off the field drama for the team and Hope Solo is currently serving her suspension from the team. Even if the team had Solo on the field against France it wouldn't have solved the problems on the field for the team.

It is just a few short months until the teams takes the field in Canada for the World Cup. Just a few short months for Ellis to figure out the right players to put on the field. Just a few short months for the team to make it count.