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Editor's Notes: Woeful shots, Selfies and Cubo Torres

The Dynamo really need shots while Cubo Torres scores twice in Mexico.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Shots, shots, shots

Whelp, Friday night's game could have gone better for the Dynamo. Okay that might actually be an understatement. It is easy to point a finger at the mess that was Tyler Deric's attempt to clear the ball that ended in a goal for Orlando City as the reason for the loss but in truth it was much more than that.

This week Owen Coyle chose to start Leonel Miranda in place of Will Briun. Giles Barnes played up top with Boniek Garcia tucked in behind him. However, this didn't produce the same results as it had last weekend when the team switched from a 4-4-2 to a 4-2-3-1. Miranda took a number of uneasy touches on the ball and never seemed to settle into the game. In the 53rd minute, Coyle pulled Miranda and replaced him with Bruin.

The Dynamo looked slow from the start of the game and seemed to get slower as the game wore on. The midfield failed to impress once again and had trouble getting the ball up the field to Giles Barnes. Their drives seemed to die in the final third of the field.

Five of the teams seven shots were off target while the other two were blocked. This team needs goals badly and with the shooting attempts they have had the last two weeks the outlook is not good. While all you need is the right shot to score a goal the lack of accuracy of the few shots the Dynamo are taking is troubling.

Shots vs Orlando City

Shots vs Columbus

Both weeks the team had about the same number of shots they were able to reduce the number of chances Orlando City had compared to that of the Columbus Crew.

In both games, the Dynamo's passing accuracy decreased by just over 20% when they got into the final third. Against Orlando City they managed to connect  just 10% of their 20 crosses.

But the real test comes this Saturday when they face their first Western Conference opponent of the season, LA Galaxy.

No selfie for you

Last week I complained about a fan who threw a can at Kei Kamara during the Dynamo game against the Columbus Crew. This week you get to hear me complain about a fan running onto the pitch to take a selfie with Kaka. There were a lot of people posting on social media how awesome it was that a fan had run out onto the pitch and that Kaka had put his arm around the guy and taken a selfie with him, but folks it's not awesome.

Unless you are on the team or reffing the game don't go out onto the field. I would say this is just common sense but we all know most people are seriously lacking in the common sense department. I get that in this instance it wasn't done maliciously but you don't know someone's intent when they run out onto the field. It ends up stopping play on the field as players wait for security to remove the offender from the field.

Is a selfie with a player really worth getting arrested? Having a criminal record for the rest of your life?

Don't throw cans on the field. Don't run out onto the field to take selfie's with players. Come on people it's not that hard.

Cubo Torres

While Houston is in desperate need of the striker he finally got some playing time over the weekend in Mexico. He scored twice for Guadalajara to help the team win 2-1.

One goal.

Two goals.

We need some orange goals.