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Cubo Torres scores for not Houston, gives Chivas a win

Erick Torres has started scoring goals while on loan in Liga MX.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is Erick Cubo Torres scored. The bad news is Erick Cubo Torres scored.

After getting little playing time upon his arrival with Chivas, Torres is finally getting on the field and scoring goals. Wednesday, the striker scored again for Guadalajara giving them a 2-1 win. Torres found himself in perfect position to tap in the pass from his teammate for what would be the game-winner.

After his two-goal game last week, Torres was on the Liga MX Best XI for the week.

Darrell Lovell wrote a piece on about the Catch-22 the Dynamo currently find themselves between wanting to see their player succeed and wanting him to arrive in Houston. The striker's loan to Chivas included clauses that could see him return to the States early but if he doesn't arrive by May 31 the team will be waiting until July 1 for Torres to arrive.

Houston really needs its designated player to arrive sooner rather than later. Shots (and goals) have been a glaring problem for the team already this year. Play in the final third has been almost nonexistent. The team needs an electric player up front and they need him to arrive before July 1.