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Editor's Notes: Will the MLS season start this weekend?

Without a CBA in place players are threatening to strike, but will they really?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

No CBA in sight

The 2015 season is set to start at the end of the week, but no CBA has been agreed on. Free agency has been the main point of contention between players and owners. Players want it, owners don't. Players have gone so far as to say they are willing to strike if they don't get free agency. While publicly everyone has been saying all the right things Dell Loy Hansen, owner of Real Salt Lake, came out last week and said that free agency is a "waste of time conversation."

"How do you have free agency when you're going to go talk to yourself at the next employer?" said Hansen in the same interview. "That's not going to change. That's a "go-nowhere" conversation. When you look at all the owners, they've all been in pro basketball, baseball, football, and that was the one thing they all vowed they'd never do is go through that again.

Hansen was fined $150,000 for his comments. According to Jeff Carlisle the fine is "by far" the largest in league history. MLS President Don Garber said in a statement that Hansen's comments were not appropriate or helpful.

The real question is will the season kick off this week? Opinions on the matter seem to range from "Yes the season will start on time" to "No way." The closer we get to Friday without a CBA in place the less likely the season kicks off on time.

So, what do you think? Will there be a Dynamo game on Saturday?