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Editor's Notes: Supporting the Dynamo in Seattle and the Houston Dash push tickets

I went to Seattle to support the Dynamo in their away game over the weekend and experienced Sounder fans first hand.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hanging out in Seattle

As someone who spent most of Saturday walking around Seattle in a Dynamo jersey and even ventured into a bar by the stadium prior to the game I was really impressed with the Sounders fans and how they treated an away fan. When it comes to sports there are a lot of cities in the world that you wouldn't want to walk around in an opposing teams jersey on game day and you certainly wouldn't want to walk into a bar by yourself wearing one, but not once did I feel unsafe. I ran across multiple groups of people who gave me some good natured ribbing for it which I expected and even welcomed to some degree. "Sweetheart, you look lost. Houston is about 5,000 miles that way," one guy at the bar told me with a point.

Dynamo vs Sounders

It is an interesting experience to be one of maybe 20 people in a stadium of 40,000 supporting an away team. It's a little hard for a handful of people to drown out the "SEATTLE SOUNDERS" call back chant but it didn't stop us from trying. For 90 minutes, those of us in orange cheered on our team while the rest of the stadium cheered for the home team.

As I walked back to my truck after the game I passed multiple groups of people who told me "Good game" or "Better luck next time" with a good natured smile. Of course it is easier to be nice to an opposing supporter when your team just won.

As great as Sounders fans were there is no place like BBVA Compass Stadium.

Houston Dash

If you have spent any time on social media lately then chances are you have seen the huge push coming from Houston to sell tickets to the Houston Dash. Sunday, the Houston Chronicle ran an article describing the team's efforts and how they are currently short of where they want to be in sales.

According to the article as of March 27th the Dash had sold 2,500 tickets for the home opener taking place on April 10 which is well short of the 10,000 goal the team had set. Last season they had 8,000 people attend the opening game, but after finishing 9th in the NWSL last season it has been harder to generate interest this season.

The team has done much to retool the roster after last season. They have brought in players like Stephanie Roche, Jessica McDonald and Carli Lloyd. While the team drafted Morgan Brian from the University of Virginia with the number overall pick in the college draft they also drafted Carleigh Williams from the University of Central Florida.

They will also be getting back their injured players Brittany Bock, who tore her ACL in the opening game of last season, and Lauren Sesselmann, who spent last season recovering from an ACL injury. As with all NWSL teams the Dash will spend much of the season without their international players who will be gone for the Women's World Cup this summer in Canada.

You still have time to get tickets for the home opener on April 10th as well as season tickets. You can order them online here or call 713-276-7598 to purchase season tickets.