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Where NOT to go in Toronto

Toronto may be a nice city, but you might want to skip these places.

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You headed north and got your passport stamped now it's on to Toronto. While you are there you might want to take a pass on these less than pleasant sounding restaurants and please skip the Passport Inn.


Mariko Japanese Restaurant

This place has a whopping one and a half stars on Yelp! They have one rave review and the rest? Well, if you like slimy sushi, flies in your food and dirty booths then this is the place you. Not a fan of those things? Then you might wanna skip this joint.

"Damn if I could give this place NO star at all then i would!!
Stumble upon this place feeling very hungry. Sat down right away it was quite busy for 8pm on a Sunday. Was seated in the booths they had and the table were DIRTY and sticky! I asked the waitress to wipe it clean but i dont think it helped because the cloth was dirty as well. Wished i left right there and then!

We asked for the AYCE menu ($15.99) because it had more items to chose from. I ordered salmon sashimi and white tuna sashimi and Dynamite roll when they arrived i was surprise. The sashimi was sliced into chunks! The white tuna sashimi was terrible!! It smelled bad and tasted even worst. After eating the white tuna my stomach felt weird. Complaint to the waitress and she said that the tuna is freshly cut and if i want to have another one the chef will cut me one. Ah...NO THANKS!!
Their Dynamite roll was JUST bad. Holding it with my chopsticks and it all fell apart! After 6 pieces of sushi. Paid the bill and left ASAP!!


Das Gasthaus

With two and a half stars on Yelp! you can find some good reviews of this place, but the bad out weigh the good by far. A lot of them centers around poor service, over priced food and one lady who was having a melt down because her schnitzel was burned.

"Just went for "All you can eat sausage Tuesday's" which should actually be named "all you can eat French fries".
We paid $35 for two of us and could only eat 1 sausage each.. Since you have to eat a pound of fries with it before getting another order of sausage.
So our bill was $70 for a couple drinks, a couple 5 inch sausages and 2 pounds of fries.
This doesn't include the terrible service we received while there which included "I don't know how to pronounce it, I'm not German"
And not even telling us that it was all you could eat sausage Tuesday's. When I asked about it he didn't give us anymore details other then "you can't share"
Misleading and overpriced for some okay food.... Unless you like French fries, which in all honesty where good, just not $35 good!
Didn't like it from the start, wish I would've left earlier." -Dave S.

Yes PC Internet Cafe

This place only has one review but it was just too quaint not to share.

"Slow connection, Rubbish Computer, entire store is almost as dirty as a garbage yard. Among all those facts, their toilet is the worst." -Chung Hoon Y.


Passport Inn

This review pretty much sums up all of the others.

"If I could give this place negative stars I would! My first impression was, "flea bag rat trap" and it only got worse from there!

The employees/owners were not friendly when we checked in. They seemed to think they were doing us a favor by letting us stay. Though they did point out that free Wifi came with the room. The fact that it would not reach said room was never revealed!

The room was FILTHY and smelled of smoke even though the door said non smoking. The floor had soft spots under the carpet (yuck the carpet). The bathroom has been dirty for so long it can't be cleaned. We bought a pair of flip flops to take turns using the shower. The towels were so threadbare they were more like flexible loofahs.

Why did we stay? It was close to the Rainbow Bridge and the cheapest thing around. Would we stay again? No no!" -Frank E.