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Houston Dynamo partner with ReplyBuy

Dynamo make it possible to text for tickets.

Bey is ready to text in for her Dynamo tickets
Bey is ready to text in for her Dynamo tickets
Scott Gries/Getty Images

Now you can use your phone for something more important than taking selfies. What's more important than taking selfies? Buying Houston Dynamo tickets. The Dynamo have partnered with ReplyBuy to make purchasing a ticket with a quick reply text message a reality for fans.

The premise is simple. You can create an account online or text in to become a member and set up payment information. Fans who join will get text messages about available tickets and can simply reply 'Buy Dynamo 10' or however many tickets they need (but since you bring all your friends to the games you'll want at least 10). Tickets will then be sent to the phone almost instantly. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you reply the better your tickets will be. There are no hidden fees to the service. The price sent to you is the price you pay.


Mock-up of tickets that will be sent via ReplyBuy. (Image courtesy of ReplyBuy)

"We are excited about introducing the capability to MLS. It's great for the client but on the fan side I think they are seeing that it introduces simplicity, speed and access to their fans," said Josh Manly, CEO with ReplyBuy. "We live in an on-demand society where everything is simple and on-demand or a lot of industries are moving that way. This is a platform designed to meet those needs from a fans perspective. It gives people a very simple and quick option. Remove the barriers to buy the ticket and have them sent straight to the mobile device."

The Dynamo are the first MLS team to partner with ReplyBuy, but the service has partnered with teams from the NHL, NBA as well as several college teams. You can check them out at