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DeRetrospective: Top fan memories of Dwayne De Rosario

We asked fans what their top DeRo moments were and the number one favorite was no surprise.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dwayne De Rosario announced his retirement from soccer on Sunday so naturally we asked our readers what their favorite memories of DeRo are. There were a lot of great memories from his goal celebrations to THAT goal.

DeRo memory

And that YouTube link? Holy free kick DeRo.

DeRo fave player

But is it any surprise what the overwhelming favorite memory from fans is?

A memory is just a moment in time a split second even. In his time with the Dynamo DeRo left fans with a lot of memories and a lot of goals. From all of us at Dynamo Theory, DeRo we wish you the best of luck. We will leave you with the reminiscence of Sdflash2006.

DeRo faves