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Updated: Erick Torres accused of sexual assault

Dynamo striker accused of sexual abuse in Mexico.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Cancha has reported that Cubo Torres has been accused of sexual assault. The report has been picked up by other outlets including ESPN Deportes.

The complaint was filed in Mexico against Torres on April 25.

The assault allegedly happened on April 22 at a party held in a motel for Chivas players. Carlos Salcedo and Jorge "el Chaton" Enriquez are also mentioned as being in attendance at the party. Court documents allege that the victim's cell phone had been taken away from her while she was at the motel to maintain the privacy of the players. It has also been reported that the victim was given alcohol before being taken to the room where the assault occurred. After being taken home the victim's mother noticed injuries on her arms and took her to the hospital where the sexual assault was revealed.

Torres nor Chivas have commented on the allegations.

Torres is currently on loan from the Houston Dynamo to Chivas Guadalajara. The striker is due to join the Dynamo later this summer.


We reached out to the Dynamo for comment and received the following response-

"We are aware of the report that surfaced surrounding Cubo Torres this morning. We are currently in the process or gathering more information. Until we have more details, we can't comment further on the matter."

Update 2

Cubo Torres told media that he wouldn't do anything that isn't consensual.

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