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Will Bruin has his scoring groove back, Tally Hall is back and more

Tally Hall has returned from his ACL tear while the Sons of Ben have had it with the Philadelphia Union.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Starters on fire

Owen Coyle isn't afraid to make a change. That has become evident as we have seen him bench Will Bruin and Kofi Sarkodie after sub-par performances this season.

Since being benched Bruin has gotten his groove and starting position back. On Saturday, he dominated the game against the Portland Timbers and scored two goals. The game prior he scored against Toronto FC. His last goal prior to that was in his start against Sporting Kansas City. Twelve games into the 2014 season he also had four goals.

A scoring bear is good for Houston - in the last 12 games that Bruin has scored the team is 9-0-3.

Also back starting is former Houston Dynamo player Talmon Henry 'Tally' Hall. Though he now dons purple for Orlando City he will always be #ForeverOrange. In his return for Orlando City on Sunday he posted a shut out in Orlando's 4-0 victory over the LA Galaxy. Orlando dominated the game and LA was only able to get off one shot which was blocked. Hall tore his ACL and missed the later part of the 2014 season for the Dynamo before being traded to Orlando.

Over it

The Sons of Ben have had it and they aren't going to take it anymore. With the Union have a less than stellar season discontent among fans has been growing. Feelings came to a head over the weekend as the Sons of Ben, Philadelphia's supporter group, marched against the front office. They marched with a banner that read "Union Fans Deserve Better". Nick Sakiewicz, CEO and operations partner for the Union, released a statement agreeing with the Sons of Ben saying that they also want the team back on track.

Yeeeeah I don't think they want your help Nick.