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Fantasy MLS: Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid in Fantasy MLS and a look at the Dynamo Theory leagues.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The guru is out for a few more weeks so I am filling in this week with some mistakes to avoid when playing Fantasy MLS.

3. Don't over think it

Seriously, don't think too much and don't research too much. It's akin to overstudying for a test. There is nothing wrong with a little research but don't make yourself crazy trying to put together the perfect team. Just put together a team good enough to beat your friend's team because in the end all you need are bragging rights at the bar.

2. Beware of streakers

Did someone get a brace last weekend and a goal the week before? Doesn't mean that you want them on your team. Players fall prey to streaks and you don't want to spend massive amounts of cash on a player who is about to go as cold as a Montana winter.

Similarly don't drop a player just because they have had a bad game. If their season goes in the toilet don't be afraid to flush them, but don't flush them too soon. Stick them on the bench and see if they regain their footing. The scheduling gods can play a big part in this sometimes all a player needs is one great game against a weak team and it can trigger a Fantasy point roll.

1. Set it and forget it

This is one of the easiest mistakes to fall prey to and pretty much my MO. Life gets busy and remembering to set your Fantasy team each week can be tricky especially on double game weeks. Leaving your team the way it is can be a huge risk. Injuries, bye weeks and scoring streaks can all wreak havoc on your team's points.



Paisley SC and Kschitiz SC are currently tied atop the Dynamo Theory Fantasy league. Both teams are 11-0-1.


Paisley SC sits atop the Classic League as well with 807 points. Hot on her heels is Snuggster with 791 points in second place.