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Where NOT to go in New York City

Rats and roaches are the theme for this week's traveller.

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

In some of the cities that MLS teams play in it can be challenging to find truly gross restaurants. New York City, however, offers a plethora of nastiness. Barely Legal Restaurants is a great website that lists health code violations for different restaurants around New York although some of the photos of women on the site are less than classy.

Billy's Sports Bar and Restaurant

According to Barely Legal this place has quite the health code violations including evidence of live rats. However, the reviews at Yelp! give it two and a half stars becuase you shouldn't play Genuine's Pony before 5pm.

"After taking in a game at the lovely Yankee Stadium down the street, I'm in no rush to join the pressing surge of fans eager to cram themselves into subway cars to get back downtown. So the next logical choice is to keep the party going, & choose one of the dozen or so bars in the area to chill out with a beer or two until the crowds let up a little.

Billy's is probably going to be your best choice -- which isn't saying much, to be honest.

The bar is deceptively huge. There are two entrances, but they meet in the middle. One side is a giant dance floor, & the other side has a few booths for sit-down meals & a larger open area to stand around & drink. But the problem is that the music from the dance floor is pumped into the other half of the bar. The music is inappropriately loud -- especially if you attended a day game. It's not even 5pm; why are you playing Ginuwine's Pony?! Nobody's trying to ride my saddle when we haven't even had dinner yet.

I'm not even sure how people were sitting down to eat in this environment either. Families! Children! How can I enjoy a burger if my silverware is vibrating off the table with every OOTZ OOTZ OOTZ?

My friend and I stood awkwardly in the smaller bar area, screaming at each other from a foot away so we could have a conversation. We bought a bottled cider & a Blue Moon draught, and paid $19. NINETEEN DOLLARS for two beers, & there are no athletic men in pinstripes nearby, and I can't even hear my friend talk about how expensive it is, so what exactly are we paying for here?

Billy's: not so good, but better than a crowded, sweaty subway station."- Joanna D.

Cafe Lincoln

Live mice! Live roaches! Food not properly heated! What more could you ask for? Another two and a half stars from Yelpers but most of the reviews come from 2011 or 2012.

"A Manhattan style deli in the hood? Apparently so. The food doesn't really look that bad. It looks fresh and hot....the thing is, the people buying don't look clean and with the food all in the open...I can't trust it.

Oh well."-Edgar S.

"Food is quite disgusting. However, if you're starving, like I was, it is at least edible."-Malika M.

Merry Land Chinese Restaurant

Hurray more roaches! Two and a half stars for yet another Bronx restaurant on Yelp!

"STAY AWAY! I went in today for the first and last time to get some sugar biscuits / donuts and found a pubic hair on one of them."-Chantal C.

What more is there to say. I didn't take a picture because yelping about it was the last of my concerns.