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Erick Torres may be denied US work permit

Without a work permit the Mexican striker would be unable to join the Houston Dynamo.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In May, news broke that striker Erick 'Cubo' Torres was accused of sexual assault in Mexico and now it sounds like the striker may not be able to play in the United States for the Houston Dynamo. Torres is a Mexican National who needs a work permit to work in the United States, something the United States could deny him on the grounds that he is currently under investigation for sexual assault in Mexico.

After Chivas USA folded Torres signed with the Houston Dynamo with a loan agreement that he would go and play for Chivas Guadalajara from January until sometime this summer when he would return to the United States and join the Houston Dynamo. In May, allegations of sexual assault were tied to Torres and a party at a hotel where several Chivas Guadalajara players were in attendance.

*Editor's Note- Due to the nature of the accusations against Torres we have chosen to close the comments on this article.*