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Germany vs Sweden, China vs Cameroon: How to watch, schedule, preview

The Round of 16 kicks off with some tough competition.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Germany vs Sweden

Sweden has been a bit of a let down this tournament getting to the Round of 16 after drawing all three matches in the group stage of the tournament. Germany on the other hand has been exactly what everyone was expecting from the number one ranked team in the world. They lead the tournament with 15 goals in three games played while they have conceded just one goal.

4 pm CT, June 20

Fox Sport 1

China vs Cameroon

Both teams have come out strong in this tournament. Both teams have been defensive forces that opponents have had a hard time breaking down. Cameroon loves to attack and will go at China who are fully capable of absorbing the pressure. Look for China to try and catch Cameroon on the counter attack in what will likely be a low scoring defensive battle.

6:30 pm CT, June 20

Fox Sport 1

Dash Connection-

No Houston Dash players are on the roster for any of the four teams playing.