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2015 Women's World Cup Drinking Game

It's time to get your soccer drink on!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's World Cup time so naturally it needs a drinking game to go along with it. The staff at Dynamo Theory got together and created the Ultimate Women's World Cup Drinking Game for 2015.

A sip each time-

  • Hope Solo saves a shot
  • A PK is called for no reason
  • Canada being robbed in 2012 is brought up, if it goes on for longer than two minutes finish your drink
  • A team is referred to as being "young but talented"
  • Fox plugs the 2018/2022 WC broadcasts

A shot each time-

  • Turf is mentioned
  • The phrase " a score to settle" is said, doesn't matter what team it refers to
  • For each of JP Dellacamera's "It's in the net!"/"Denied!"/"DEFLECTED"
  • Each time "Sydney Leroux" and "Canada" are in the same sentence
  • Each time a player flops
A double shot each time-
  • The player's husbands are talked about ie Dom Dwyer, Servando Carrasco etc
  • Hope Solo's off-field issues are brought up
Chug each time-
  • "They're going to want that one back" is said
  • The Men's game is brought up
  • Abby Wambach scores a header
Finish your drink each time-
  • A player gets a red card
  • The opposing team scores
  • The phrase "This game needs a goal" is said
  • Each time Alexi Lalas says something stupid
Pour one out each time-
Did we miss out on your favorite reason to take a drink? Tell us in the comments below! Also, be sure and check out our USWNT themed shots!

*This game is written in good fun. Please drink responsibly. Too much talk about BroSo isn't worth dying.*