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Shots on Goal: Your USWNT Cocktail Recipes

"Hope Solo" is a shot of tequila and 7 other USWNT drink recipes.

The U.S. Women's National Team are set to start their World Cup tournament today. We decided some shots were in order.
The U.S. Women's National Team are set to start their World Cup tournament today. We decided some shots were in order.
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With the start of the 2015 Women's World Cup , many of us have been spending the last few weeks leading up to the tournament talking strategy, breaking down teams and rosters, and throwing in our bets for the which nation will come out on top in Canada.

Then there are those of us who look at players and think, "Hmmm, if they were a shot, what would they be?"

Yes, yours truly is one of those people.

So, because I am generous and had an absolute blast putting this together, I thought I would share. Just in case you are in a bar or hosting friends and find yourself wishing you had a shot to celebrate an Abby Wambach goal or an amazing save from Hope Solo.

Break open the liquor cabinet or visit your favorite store, my friends. Here are 14 shots for you to enjoy as the USWNT ladies look to take on the world.

GK Hope Solo - "Don't F&*k with Me"- Straight shot of tequila. Because that's how Hope rolls.

D Ali Krieger - "American Backbone" - Every good defense needs an Ali Krieger. 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz. Goldschlager Cinnamon Liqueur, 1 oz. apple pucker liqueur.

D Meghan Klingenberg - "American Headbanger" - Kling is a feisty outside back. So what she's short; she's one of the best. 1 oz. Jagermeister herbal liqueur, 1 oz. Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps.

M Morgan Brian - "Peachy Rookie" - This Georgia native and UVA product is so damn cool and going to rock our socks off in the WWC. 1 oz. peach schnapps, 1/2 oz. Blue Curracao liqueur.

M Megan Rapinoe - "Patriotic Coif" - Because there's not hair style more famous than Pinoe's. 1/3 oz. sloe gin, 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao liqueur, 1 squirt whipped cream.

F Sydney Leroux - "Can't Touch This" - A pineapple fruity shot that, like Syd, is pretty damn awesome. 1.5 oz vanilla vodka, 1.5 oz cognac, 1/2 oz. Amaretto almond liqueur, 2 oz. pineapple juice, a bit of heavy cream, grenadine syrup.

F Alex Morgan - "The Baby Horse" - Once Alex takes off, there's no catching her. All you'll see is a streak of pink from her headband. 1 oz vanilla vodka, 1 oz watermelon schnapps liqueur, 1 oz sweet and sour.

F Abby Wambach - "Ball to the Head" - If you have to ask, you don't know Abby. 1/2 oz. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, 1/2 oz black sambuca.

Bonus shots:

In light of recent events in the soccer world, we're sure there will be numerous mentions of different topics during the tournament. Here's a few bonus shots to help drown out the multiple mentions these topics will get.

Sepp Blatter - "The Trash Can" - The swill out of the bar mat. Drink at your own risk. No really. It'll cause "corruption" inside your stomach for sure.

Pitches - "Turf Wars" - We will get sick to death of hearing about how crappy the turf pitches are during the WWC. They could be kryptonite for some. 1 oz. Melon liqueur, 1/2 oz. peppermint schnapps, 1/2 oz. Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps, float of rum.

For our Canadian neighbors:

Because we cannot forget our friends to the North, and the hosts of this year's Women's World Cup, here are some savory Maple shots for ya, eh.

Maple Kiss - Canadian Whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup.

Sticky Jack - Cherry, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, maple syrup, whipped cream.

Peachy Maple Kiss - Maple syrup, peach schnapps, whiskey.

True Canadian - Maple syrup, vodka.

Give 'em a shot (ha, get it?) and let us know what you think! You also use these shots if you are playing our Women's World Cup Drinking Game.

*On a serious note, this is all in fun, but please drink responsibly. Trying to up your friends by doing all 14 shots is not worth your life.*