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Spain vs Costa Rica, Brazil vs South Korea: How to watch, schedule, preview

First round of Group E match-ups.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Spain vs. Costa Rica

Costa Rica was able to make it to the World Cup as part of the expanded number of entries now competing in the World Cup. However, they do have Shirley Cruz, a talented goal scorer who is capable of giving Spain fits in front of the net. The team also has 15-year-old Gloriana Villalobas on their roster. Spain is a wild card of the group. While they are expected to do well they have the potential of finding themselves at the bottom of the group when all is said and done.

3 p.m. CT, June 9


Brazil vs. South Korea

Brazil is the favorite of Group E with superstar Marta on their squad. They also have Formiga, Rosana and Cristiane on their team. Formiga's name sound familiar? That might be because this is her sixth World Cup. Yes, you read that right number six. South Korea has a solid team but they like a serious attacking threat. Ji So-yun and Park Eun-sun are both capable of scoring, but have a tendency of coming up short against a good defense.

6 p.m. CT, June 9

Fox Sports 1

Dash Connection-

During the offseason the Houston Dash signed Rosana and Poliana. Then Brazil announced the residency camp ahead of the World Cup and the Olympics which caused both players to stay in Brazil rather than come play in the NWSL.