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Places NOT to go in San Jose

Looking for great places in San Jose? These aren't it.

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There are plenty of great places we could tell you to go near Avaya Stadium. Places like Delicious Crepes Bistro or Lillie Mae's House of Soul Food even chains like In-and-Out and Smashburger, but why do that when we can warn you away from the worst places around?


Normally, I steer away from the fast food reviews because well it's fast food. A McDonald's in Houston should be about the same as a McDonald's in San Jose right? Right, but these reviews were too entertaining to let slide by. I'm not sure how you under-cook a burger at McDonald's. They're so thin I feel like you could lay your hand on it for a minute and that would cook it, but apparently not.

"They Got My Order Wrong 2 Times and My Burger Was Undercook'D, Slow Service and Sum Guy Cut Me In Line"-Myra G

"It's a McDonalds. It's just fast food. I hardly ever eat there. I try to avoid all fast food places. Who knows what's in the food. Kids like it."-Ata_Homa_Ina_Roma

Las Palmas Fine Mexican Dining

This place is ranked number 1,085 of 1,968 in Places to Eat in San Jose on TripAdvisor. It has three reviews which give it an over all one and a half stars. One person said that the menu is fine, but the food isn't. I'm not quite sure how to take that.

"Try some place else.

With so many wonderful restaurants in San Jose, skip this place.

First impression--- not that great. It's kinda dingy and low energy. Turn on the TV? Some music? And why can't I have a cup of water? She told me she'd bring it to me, but ten minutes have passed and no water. I'm thirsty.

There's an inexplicable large mural of a snow covered alpine mountain and lake across the back wall. Ahhh... Mexico!

The salsa bar is super skimpy, too. That's ok... No free chips for the wait anyway.

Let's see how the food is.

Let's see.

Let's see.

Let's see.

Wow... That took a long time.

The good news... The carnitas plate was pretty good. Modest portions. Good texture and flavor. Probably great in a burrito."-Mike95128

The Brit

This place has two and a half stars on TripAdvisor and it did get some good ratings, but I don't really care about those. I care about the guy who called this place arrogant and who was really upset that there wasn't any blood sausage to eat. Most people commented that the service is incredibly slow which doesn't really work in an airport restaurant. But the reviewer that takes the cake is the guy on Yelp! who was upset his food was bland. Um. someone want to fill him in?

"Arrogant. Half the tables are closed, .o one to take orders at the tables, only at the bar, and attitude at that. And bow can it be a brit pub without blood sausage with the breakfast?"-rexblackfire"Wish I would have read the reviews - we came here en route to u2 last night and had an absolutely bland and overpriced meal. $50 for a spinach salad and the worst shephards pie ever w/ a glass of wine.

This is a sports bar - don't expect food of any quality - suggestion - go round the corner to the communal pub and restaurant. Great happy hour - $20 net 2 very good glasses of wine and a couple delicious happy hour plates of spicy tuna and sliders."-Rick R