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Coach Randy Waldrum, emoji master

Dash players help their head coach learn how to use emojis.

"Brian, can you help me with emoji's?"
"Brian, can you help me with emoji's?"
Trask Smith

You know how it goes - something new comes along, you are texting with a friend, and something pops up on their response that you have never seen before. You let it pass until eventually, you are surrounded by it - seemingly the only person who doesn't know how to make your phone do that. When it comes to emojis, they seemed to come out of nowhere; cute little pictures to use in place of text and now they're a vital part of our daily communications.

Houston Dash head coach Randy Waldrum didn't know where emoji's came from, but he did know that his players knew how to use them. Tired of not being able to add emojis to his messages, he broke down and asked for help with 'emojie's'.

Happy to not have to go to the emoji store, Coach was thrilled to learn he already had them on his phone. Ready to learn the next day, Coach Waldrum went to practice ready for his players to help step up his emoji game, to show him where emoji's lived on his phone.

A quick study, Coach mastered emoji's and quickly put them to good use.

Welcome to the emoji game, Coach.