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Erick Torres has arrived in Houston, is officially a Houston Dynamo player

The Mexican striker is ready to play for the Houston Dynamo.

Houston Dynamo Twitter

Erick 'Cubo' Torres has arrived in Houston at last. Word had been quiet on the Torres front in regards to 'if' and 'when' he would arrive in Houston, but things are quiet no more with his arrival in Houston. After signing with the Dynamo Torres went gone on loan to Chivas Guadalajara. While in Mexico Torres was accused of sexual assault and faced delays in obtaining his work permit. The club and the league had been working to get him to Houston during the secondary transfer window which opened on July 8.

Thursday, the team tweeted out a photo of Torres arriving in Houston the evening before.

The  team has not yet said when they expect the striker to see the field for the Dynamo. Torres has his P-1 visa and his International Trade Certificate per Jesus Ortiz and is officially a member of the team.

Dynamo Theory will continue to have updates as they come.