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Places NOT to go in Salt Lake City

Take a rain check on these spots in Salt Lake City.

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While this article is usually filled with place that you don't want to go there is one place I want to throw out there as a place you might want to check out - Brewvies. What is this place you ask? It's a movie theater that sells beer, a cinema pub if you will. Also, Polygamy Porter-order it. You'll thank me later.

Enough of the nice stuff on to the crappy places!

Buffet Chino

One person had nice things to say about this place the rest of the reviews on Trip Advisor are not. One reviewer was really into the word literally and literally used it repeatedly.

I just left this silent restaurant and HAD to let the world know immedietly: I have never in my life tasted food that was this gross. LITERALLY every single thing i had was gross. Im pissed off we paid $23 for my boyfriend and I to "eat" this disgusting food. If he would have let me (he's shy) i would havr gotten our money back and told them how awful it was. All i want to do now, is puke.

This review is asking if this is based on my own experience and is my genuine opinion.... YES!!!!!"-steffrodriguez

Sweet Spot

This place is ranked #128 out of 173 Restaurants in Sandy. This place has some mixed reviews. Well they have one good one and two poor ones. The "Dry cake drier than management" might be one of the best review titles of all time, but the review then went into their very dry argument about a dry cake the reviewer had ordered for a party. Instead, the other review makes some charming comparisons to Harry Potter and actually asks "What the deuce man?".

"Service is a joke, decent food
I've been going to this place quite often, I like their coxinha and their pastels, and that's it.
Most of the times I've been there it's been quite comic, with me and my family leaving laughing at how horrible, and I mean, picture REALLY bad, customer service, in fact not sure if what they do there qualify as "customer service" service.
Once you get in you're greeted by their dad (when greeted), one peek into their kitchen area and you see about 47 other people from their family busy doing whatever they're doing in there. This would be quite normal, if it didn't happen all the time, REGARDLESS of how many people are trying to get service. That's right, 1 person or 230 generate the same amount of enthusiasm and readiness of their part, meaning zero!
Coxinha is my favorite, usually in Brazil they have them sitting in a food warmer, but no, not here, EVERY TIME I ask for one, this is what happens:
Me: Hi, do you have your Coxinha?
SS: yes, of course
Then about 15 minutes later my coxinha arrives, needless to say, what transpired between the 15 minutes is the actual fabrication of aforementioned coxinha, rendering the "yes, of course" illegitimate as the need for the frying of said food product, naturally and obviously entails on the non existence of said product!! What should transpire when I come in is:
Me: Hi, do you have your Coxinha?
SS: No, we don't, but we could make one for you, it will be ready in about 15 minutes, would you like to wait?
But no, why bother right?
Other times, when we ask for our orders, the dad is furiously and copiously taking notes, however, when he returns (if he returns), the notes have Harry Potterly disapparated! What is this Voodoo?? How is it that you were taking notes of what we wanted and now, all of a sudden you forgot about it all and can't figure out what we wanted? Did you suffer some sort of short term memory loss between the 5 steps of our table and the kitchen? Is it really that difficult to take the order of 3 or 4 people in the middle ages of 2 minutes ago?? Should we record our order on a tape recorder next time for possible recollection then? What the deuce man??
Anyways, after we finally manage to get something that resembles what we actually wanted, we eat well. Their food is tasty and although I like only their coxinha and their pastels, they have never disappointed me on that stance.
Ok, we're done eating...drinks are almost empty, yes, dream on if you're hoping for a refill or someone to stop by and ask you if you would like to refill your water or have another beverage. Might as well save it or wait until the next Halley's comment appearance for them to come back with a refill!
Now it's time to pay, we get up and walk to the cashier and lo and behold, they have NO CLUE of what we had. That's right, at this moment, I could always say, "we had a glass of water" and I probably would be walking out of there without paying a dime, because EVERY TIME, I have to detail everything we had, as they have no clue what transpired in my table, no surprises there actually!
So, although I recommend this place for the food, you have to enter their realm anxiously waiting for either a laugh or some comedic effect to happen, or you will get pissed!
I've seen SEVERAL patrons that walk in, and after standing there for say, 2-3 minutes without anyone saying A WORD to them, just simply walk out the door again, at which point im laughing, of course...
Also be prepared to meet some real life dementors, as they people in the kitchen seem to suck the life away from you, they look and act sooooo depressed that it gives me depression just to think about them!"-Vireoli

The Garden Restaurant

This place has multiple reviews that reference prom on Yelp! from different years and times so I'm guessing this is the spot to go on prom night. Apparently, one guy doesn't think that rolls are sufficient free appetizers and had to lick his plate while he waited on his food for an hour. Which to me might be more of a failure on the part of his parents than on that of the restaurant. This place does seem to have some pretty killer views just beware of the killer pasta in your potato.

"I went there for my mother-in-laws birthday so the company was great but the food din't live up to expectation... Nor was it all that good.

I had the Early Bird Specials Flat Iron Steak ordered to medium rare for $17.00. The steak was hard to cut and chew and though there was gravy and one other sauce it was kind of bland. I had to add both salt and pepper to make it bearable to eat. The mashed potatoes were good however they too need salt. The asparagus was cold and the entrée was served with some hard pasta sticking out of the potatoes. If you weren't careful, it could impale you through the heart.

My wife had the Romano Encrusted Chicken Pasta $14.00, also a special. According to her the chicken was OK but the sauce had a strong taste of balsamic vinegar. So much so she choose to eat the pasta with out it and leave the remaining.

The strawberry gelato was the best part of the meal. That being, I'd recommend you eat at Sizzler's on 4th south and go to the Garden for the view just outside the restaurant. Presentation won't be the same but the food will be and less.

The service was very friendly and they validate for parking, that's why they get a 2 rather than 1. And expect to see large groups of kids there for prom. I didn't expect it and they were there anyway."-Jonathan B.