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Drew Moor's reaction to making the All-Star team tells us why the All-Star team matters

The Colorado Rapid's defender broke down when he found out he made the All-Star team because no matter what we think the team really does matter.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Each year we do the dance over the All-Star team in MLS. Express our faux outrage over selections for the All-Star team, complain about how meaningless it is, and then when the time comes for the game we settle into our favorite soccer watching spot and turn on the game. This year is no exception with the announcement of the fan picks and Don Garber's commissioner selections we all hopped on Twitter to express our outrage that two players who had barely seen minutes had been selected by Garber. We cracked jokes at the players, Garber and the league eventually, as we do every year, coming to the conclusion that the game is a joke and selections don't matter.

Don Garber's selections for the All-Star game told us that to be an All-Star in MLS your play on the field for the name on the front of the jersey doesn't matter, but the name on the back of the jersey does. Quickly, realizing the mistake it was announced that two extra bonuses would be given out this year because what better way to soothe the upset players than to throw some money at them.

Drew Moor's response to finding out he made the All-Star team is a stark contradiction to that and tell us that it truly does matter to players. Not for the bonus money that they receive for making the team, but for the honor that should come with making an All-Star team.

Wrapped up in Moor's emotions is the past year that he spent fighting back from a knee injury to become a top player in the league. Yet the raw emotions that he shows in that video go far beyond a single man's success to make it to the team.

His tears remind us that the All-Star game does matter. Not the end result of the game or what sort of party MLS will pull together for this year's game or even what silly selection Garber chooses to make. His tears remind us of the honor that should truly come with making an All-Star team. That the team matter's because it matters to the players to be able to achieve this symbol of greatness within the league.