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The Un-retirement of DaMarcus Beasley

Houston defender not going back into retirement after Gold Cup.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

This was supposed to be the end. Well technically the end already came for DaMarcus Beasley who retired from the U.S. national team at the end of 2014. But Beasley was called, once again, to duty to help the U.S. win the Gold Cup. The last hoorah didn't go as planned as the U.S. ended up playing in the third place game against Panama over the weekend. The two teams tied 1-1 in relegation and after extra time the game went to penalty kicks. After the back and forth it came down to Beasley who's kick was saved by the Panamanian keeper. It seemed to be a heart breaking end to a brilliant national team career.

Then post game came and the post game comments that Beasley might be back for the red, white and blue. And the re-retirement of DaMarcus Beasley seemed to be no more as head coach Jurgen Klinsmann alluded to calling-up the defender once again.

"I said right after the game in the locker room, I said, 'Beas, I don't know if you can walk out like that. We might have to get you back in,'" Klinsmann said. "And the guys were clapping, because they love him—the locker room loves him."

Not one to turn down his country Beasley left the door open to USMNT.

"I am not going to say I'm retired again," Beasley said on Saturday. "I'm sure I'll speak to Jurgen and see what he's thinking for the future. But it depends on how I'm playing. I don't feel old, I feel fit, I feel ready to play. So if Jurgen wants to give me a call again, that's a conversation we'll have. But I'm not going to say I'm retired again."

A Hotel California that Beasley can't ever seem to leave the United States needs him too badly to let him ride off into the sunset. They sure as hell can't let him do it after the dumpster fire that was the Gold Cup. He deserved better than that. He deserves to go out a winner unfortunately the U.S. may not be capable of delivering what Beasley deserves.