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Accuser's lawyer alleges collusion and favors taking place in the Erick Torres case

Allegations of favors and collusion spring up in the sexual assault case against Erick 'Cubo' Torres.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There is still no definite resolution to Erick Torres' work visa situation, but the attorney for the woman who has accused Torres of sexually assaulting her, Froylan Sandoval, has started speaking out about the sexual assault complaint filed against the Mexican striker. quotes Sandoval as saying that he believes that there is collusion going on with the authorities and that favors are being given in exchange for obstructing the judicial process. Sandoval states that the evidence against Torres is compelling and that the prosecution agrees, but that the authorities who make the decision to move forward are sitting on the case. He has urged his client to take the case to the higher levels to keep it moving along. Sandoval does not think that Torres can be exonerated base on the evidence available.

"No es posible (que el 'Cubo' quede exonerado), ya que aunque las mismas autoridades estén retrasando los procedimientos de la averiguación previa, hay instancias a las cuales les damos a conocer el asunto y la omisión de la autoridad y la falta de pericia de resolver".

"Está en proceso un amparo para efecto de revertir la negativa de la autoridad, llegará a instancias federales para que por medio de ellos, se muevan los peldaños para que la autoridad reaccione y tenga qué hacer su trabajo como debe ser", concluyó.-per

The secondary transfer window opened on July 8 making it the earliest date that Torres would have been available to join the Houston Dynamo this season. After signing with the Houston Dynamo in the off season Torres was loaned to Chivas Guadalajara to help the team stave off relegation. A complaint was filed against Torres on April 25, alleging that he had sexually assault a women while attending a party at a hotel.

Torres not arriving in the U.S. is said to center around the approval for his work permit. Houston Dynamo team president Chris Canetti told Dynamo Theory last week that the team is working diligently to bring Torres to Houston during this transfer window. The transfer window closes on August 6 which gives the Dynamo just under a month to get the situation sorted out if they want Torres to play for the team in 2015.