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Places NOT to go in Kansas City

We all know the BBQ is great but what about some of the not so great aspects of Kansas City?

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Not all Bar-B-Que is created equal. And just because you cook something on the grill that does not make it BBQ. In most cases it's grilling. There is a difference and if you don't get that well then I can't help you. True BBQ is in fact an art. Vinegar and/or tomato paste are the two most common types of base for BBQ sauce. Then of course you've got liquid smoke, molasses and a whole myriad of spices. Getting just the right combination is key to BBQ success. The places below missed the mark when is comes to BBQ.

Several BBQ joints has complaints that there their menus lacked adequate selections for vegetarians. Yeah, marinate on that one for a bit...

Dickeys Bbq

So this place is part of a BBQ chain which isn't necessarily a bad thing but if you're in Kansas City shouldn't you go to a local joint? The service tends to be crappy all around plus this review contains the word bugs and that's pretty much all I needed to know. If you are wondering if this is an old review the answer is no it was posted just a few weeks ago. Maybe they have scrubbed the place down since then?

"I really want to like this place, but I have one word- BUGS. The last two times I have seen cockroaches. So, I just wonder if they are out during the day just how many are living there? Last time there were an abundance of fruit flies and a few beetles too. I think the place already needs a very good scrub."- Cassandra H.

Winslow's City Market Barbecue

The majority of the reviews rate this place as average. It is also number 595 of 1,253 places to eat in Kansas City. Most of the reviews who rate this place as terrible point out that their sauces are sub-par and the coleslaw is watery. This is an older review (like 2011), but it seems like sage advice that is still applicable today.

"Drink a beer and eat the beans
This place used to be good. It looks so inviting as you enter the market withe outdoor dining and great people-watching opportunities, but do not eat the meat. Actually, you can NOT eat the meat, all you can do is chew it and then spit it out. We ordered brisket and it was by far the worst brisket we have ever encountered. The service was nonchalant (read: non-existent) and when you did encounter a wait person, you waited, and waited. The beans were good, though. This is not a value. Just get a beer yourself from inside and bring it out to the tables."-SYLVIATOPEKA

Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q

Gates is a pretty well known BBQ join in KC and I was surprised to find a number of sub-par reviews. A number of the reviews complained that the sauce was too vinegary, but that could simply be a result of people who prefer a tomato based sauce.

"Just Okay
People warned me the gal taking the orders was like the Soup Nazi and they were right. You're trying to read the board and she's yelling, "What are you having?" My husband really liked it but I thought it was just okay. I hate mustard potato salad but if that's your style you will like this. Good green beans. We were the only ones eating on the patio and someone came to check on us. Nice service besides the first lady."-getsaround

Rainbow Restaurant

Okay, so I know the theme for this post was BBQ, but I couldn't pass up a review that includes the phrase "Hog Swill". In fairness to this place it is the only review on TripAdvisor so maybe it isn't THAT bad, but then again maybe it is.


Honestly I can't say anything good about this restaurant other than it is cheap Chinese food. Everything looked and tasted the same, bland and unappetizing. Wait, I forgot the water was cold and drinkable, so at least it has that positive attribute."-DipCourier