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Would You Rather...?

Two options, one choice. Which would you rather? DT brings you an all-Houston Dynamo edition of a popular (but tough) game.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

"Would You Rather" is a deceptively simple game. Confronted with two equally tough choices, it's your job as a participant to weigh the pros and cons and make what you think is the best call. It's a game beloved by many and can be found in just about any bar or pub, usually between a handful of inebriated patrons.

Now, Dynamo Theory wants to put you in a mental bind and see what choices you make. Try not to get caught up in the details and sound off in the comments below!

Would you rather win the Open Cup once or El Capitán every year?

Would you rather sign an aging Euro-star (win now) or a Homegrown product (win later)?

Would you rather your best player get called up (and miss games) or a great player that doesn't get called up?

Would you rather win the MLS Cup (but Dallas wins the next four) or not win the Cup for a decade?

Would you rather sign Freddy Adu or Luis Angel Landín?

Have a Would You Rather that you'd like to see? Tweet us at @DynamoTheory or @HueyBosco and we'll include it in future versions.