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Places NOT to go in Foxboro

There are some great places to eat in Foxboro, MA but these are not them.

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Looking for some good eats and great hangs? This joints are not the places you want to be stopping at while in Foxboro.


This is one of the places that I have actually been to when I was in town for a USMNT game several years ago and the two and a half stars it has on Yelp! are pretty accurate. The food was just okay and the service was pretty poor with the waitress showing up only when she had too. This place relies heavily on its niche of being a bowling alley and bar. The bowling seems to be pretty overpriced which sums this place up in general, but the good thing about bowling balls is you can't deflate them.

"Sub-par nachos"-Ryan S.

"I will prolly not be returning to splitsville anytime soon. Horrible food with horrible service. Bowling is way over priced are you kidding me 38.50 for two people and that was only for an hour 15 min. Sorry I heard really good things and was willing to try it out. My chicken sandwich was so horrible I Coudnt even eat the chicken it was gross all rubbery. My fries where cold, very disappointed sorry to say it's a shame Cuz it really is a great spot. But I certainly will not be returning and will be letting people know how horrible the meal and service was."-Kenny A.

Waxy O'Connor's

This place is an Irish pub that apparently doesn't know how to properly pour a Guinness. According to reviews they also have a hard time keeping their tap beer fresh as one reviewer experienced rancid beer. They also allow smoking outside which apparently is just horrifying to some people. For some true perspective the fast food restaurants in the area are ranked higher than this place.

"waxy O'connor's worst ever
First service is horrible! Never get waited by Matt or Sonya the bartenders there behaviors are unacceptable in any establishment they were fighting over tips how classless. Please dont ever order the chicken wings, they smell and taste like a wet dog. I had he chips and cheese dip was horrible the next time I went there and was sick for days.

Seriously, avoid this place like the plague, I even called to complain and left a message for the manager and never got a phone call back. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible..........."-iwantgoodservice0

D & D Breakfast and Luncheon Shoppe

Technically, this place is out in Plainville but close enough right? Overall it has three stars on Yelp! and a number of the bad reviews center around bad service and middling to awful breakfast food.

"You've got to be out of your effin mind to eat this garbage. Truly garbage, as in; rotten food that needs to be hauled away. Ordered an omelet with green peppers. The peppers were rancid and tasted of vinegar. When I informed the waitress she said they don't use vinegar in their omelet...ahhh...ok.

Fact: food that has spoiled is being used. I took one bite out of 3 peppers to be certain. Paid my bill in full, left 15% & will be certain never, ever to let anyone I care about eat this garbage. If you're reading this, know that I care about you and advise you to run!"-Raul O.