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Where NOT to go in Portland Part II

The Dynamo are back in Portland so we are back with some places to skip in Portland.

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We found a few more places in Portland that you might want to take a pass if you traveled with the Dynamo.

Fat City

This place has good reviews overall, but of course there are some negative ones so I dug them up. Some of the older reviews really go on about the lack of cleanliness at this place and the newer ones don't seem to have the same issue so I am guessing or maybe it's just hoping that the place is cleaner now. The biggest issue now seems to be the wait staff and average food. However, I couldn't pass up this old review. It is a long one so I cut out the first part about the reviewer finding the place in a book of Portland restaurants.

"...Anyway, we find Fat City, we like the name, we like the Village, so off we go. There's a wait... good sign. (so we thought) We get in, get a booth, & we sit & wait. The place is hoppin', servers everywhere, people coming & going......... & we sit & wait. Another table is sat directly behind us....... they get helped! WTF?! Finally, I say to someone, "ummmm, is someone going to wait on us?"
Our server comes over....the same woman that has already waited on the table behind us & the conversation is as follows:
Server: I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there.
Me: (with funny look on my face) Huh? We were sitting here before that table you already served coffee to!
Server: Oh, you were? Well, do you know what you want? I'll take your order then.
Me: (still with funny look on my face) I place order. The hubs asks about the special & gets some non-sense answer back, accepts defeat, & orders the special.
Things are not going well.
OK, coffee comes. No cream. I wait a a couple minutes, try unsuccessfully to flag someone down (anyone) & finally go to a table close by who was finished & asked to take their creamers.
Server comes to table, drops off free cinnamon roll. She did us no favors. It wasn't warm, it wasn't fresh, & it wasn't good. It was dry, & the cinnamon & sugar in the center could be used for grout to put up houses for the 3 little pigs.....& nothin' would have knocked those bastards down if they used that stuff!! Then.... she takes the cream! Hey!! I was using that!! A few minutes later, she brings back cream. Hmmmm, this is wonky.
Here we go with breakfast. I ordered the corned beef hash. I almost fell out of my booth when my order arrived. It was that horrid stuff from a can! Are non-chain restaurants morally able to serve canned corned beef hash? & it was cold. I also ordered an egg over easy to go with it. It was overcooked & cold! The hubs wasn't at all pleased with his "special" either. A spicy sausage omelet with hash browns & a pancake. The pancake might have been OK...... if it weren't cold!!
OMG, the people lined up to get into that place! I wondered if they were suckers like us that had never been there before, or just culinary twits!
The service remained steadily terrible through out.... we were running for the door & NOT looking back!"-ToniAnn M.

"Awful. Dirty, slow service, small, greasy as hell. Hashbrowns were nice and crispy on the outside and near-mush on the...
Awful. Dirty, slow service, small, greasy as hell. Just bad. Bad."-Tripadvisor reviewer on Facebook

Pastini Pastaria (SE Location)

More bad service! Even the positive reviews for this place have a habit of mentioning the poor service. There was also one review where the restaurant ran out of pasta on a Saturday night. A pasta place with no pasta okay sure.

"I wish I could have marked down half of a star or maybe even negative one star for this place. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs here, possibly one of the easiest Italian dishes to make.They failed. I am usually not a picky eater, but i had to push my plate away from me. Absolutely without a doubt the most disgusting pile of food I HAVE HAD SERVED TO ME IN A VERY LONG TIME. Congrats on making meatballs that taste like cat food meatloaf. I will never return to this establishment. in all fairness though the server was very nice, maybe she should take a stab at the kitchen and nicen up the food."- Mike N.

"Bring a wallet full of money and something to calm the fire in your mouth!
This restaurant was highly recommended and what a waste of my time, my money, and and a great deal of pain from hot, hot, hot spicy food. Wow, what a shock when our food came and I could eat not a second bite. I really should say that I couldn't even swallow a first bite because I had to secretly put a napkin to my mouth and spit out each first bite...not daring to swallow it. We went to this restaurant with some friends that said nothing but praise about it. Eight of us went into the restaurant happy and four of us came out hungry with doggy bags for anyone that wanted them. I'm happy that four of our party enjoyed their meal but the remaining four were unhappy. The food was way to spicy and we should have been told about the heat. Our friends said to try the bruschetta classico. We ordered two of them for the eight of us. What a disappointment it was. I was truly expecting a rustic type of grilled bread but what we got was basically wheat colored thin slices of sandwich bread with grill marks. I put some of the spread provided on one slice and that was a mistake. First bite - oh my goodness - my mouth became instantly on fire. My mouth felt as if it burst into flames. No mention on the menu as to the spicy heat of this appetizer! I couldn't swallow it. I drank a lot of water. Now for my main dish... after looking at the prices I ordered the cheapest, spaghetti, never thinking it would be spicy hot. Again fire seemed to burst forth and I gave up eating anything from this restaurant. When all was said and done we ended up spending over $100.00 and still had four hungry people. I will never go to this restaurant again."-Grayson907