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Dynamo Film Session: Darlington Nagbe's goal

Friday night's matchup with Portland was one that the Dynamo needed to win in order keep pace in a tight Western Conference playoff race. But they only took a point after blowing a two-goal lead. The first Portland goal is looked at in this edition of Dynamo Film Session.

Darlington Nagbe (6) scored a magnificent goal to get things started for Portland late in the game.
Darlington Nagbe (6) scored a magnificent goal to get things started for Portland late in the game.
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo needed a win. They could've (should've) gotten it.

A 2-0 lead in the 75th-minute is safe right? In Houston's case, wrong. Two goals by the Portland Timbers, each in the final 15 minutes, gave the hosts a point (and a couple pieces of wood).

Darlington Nagbe and Lucas Melano scored as Portland climbed safely into the fourth-playoff spot, jointly pushing the Dynamo behind scorching-hot San Jose in the tight race. In this installment of Dynamo Film Session, we take a look at what happened on Nagbe's goal.

We start with Nagbe on the ball near the right sideline.

Nagbe (circled) is surrounded by four Dynamo players. Four. You would think he would pass the ball.

Well, he didn't. The playmaker speeds by everyone and is now blazing towards the jumble of people at the top of the box.

The Dynamo have nine outfield players playing defense. That's too much. The fact that all they did was sit back and defend was the main reason they blew the lead. They took their foot off the pedal.

Nagbe takes a long touch. Not to worry, though, because Lucas Melano is there.

After the Argentinean picks up the loose touch, Nagbe makes a run around behind. This needs to be defended by the Dynamo.

Melano has it in traffic. Surrounded by orange jerseys, he manages to turn around and find Nagbe absolutely wide open.

Not particularly sure what the Dynamo are doing right now. Nobody is in position; everybody is crowded around the ball like a U-6 rec league team.

The ball finds its way to the Liberian, who slots it home past a rightfully-frustrated Tyler Deric.

It is almost comedic how you can see SEVEN Houston players chase after Nagbe in a group.

Deric should not take any fault for this goal. He did exactly what you're supposed to do as a keeper in that situation: come out and make yourself big, taking away the angle. Yes, it did hit the inside of his foot as it went in, but you have to have extremely good reaction time to redirect it out-of-bounds.

Sure, the defense shouldn't be broken that easily, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Nagbe was sensational here. It was a highlight-reel individual goal that should be up for goal-of-the-week in my opinion.

What do you think? Is the defense to blame, or is Nagbe just too good here?