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Places NOT to go in Commerce City

Here are some place to avoid like the plague in Commerce City, CO.

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Gala Gardens

An under cooked buffet, slow food and a lead pipe. This place has it all according to the reviews on Yelp. I don't really understand what the deal is with the lead pipe but yeah it's a fun story right?

"If you want to be confronted by idiots, this is the place to be.....the owner came after me AND MY GIRL FRIEND with 6 men and a lead pipe because I said F You in my SONG that I had written...a LEAD PIPE? Hell, my family is fucked up but damn...what a piece of shit these people are.....the food sucks as bad as the musicians!!! there is proof of this incident and they should be SHUT DOWN as the owner is an imbecile! DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS"-Joe V.

"This is the kind of place very old people and truckers like to go. Last few times, there were certainly "off" items. No more."-Kris K.


Okay, so normally I stick to restaurants and/or hotels for this BUT the craptastic nature of the Commerce City, CO UPS needed to be pointed out I mean what if some awesome Dynamo fans buy tons of souvenirs and need to ship it home? Don't go here. While a lot of the issues seem to center around delivery this place still sounds pretty bad. Plus, I love that the following reviewer was still sitting in the facility waiting on his package as he wrote this. Did he get it or didn't he? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

"I guess this is a hit or miss place. I live in boulder, they left a ticket on my door, but did not specify when they would attempt to make the next delivery so I scheduled a pick up. I'm not sure why, but the pick up was out in commerce city. I received a call this morning saying my package was ready for pick up. I'm here...for 30+ minutes now and still waiting for my package. At first they said they didn't see it on their system. I relistened to the voicemail confirmation to make sure I was in the location. Someone brought a dolly full of boxes and half the people that arrived after me have now left.

More people come in and I keep hearing, it's in the warehouse. Why isn't the warehouse and the pick up location connected or closer? Why am I picking up a package 30 miles away when there is a hub in my city? Why do I have to wait 30 minutes without being notified of any status updates? I'm not even sure if they're looking for my package any more. There are 5 people behind the counter sitting and talking with each other. 1 is wearing a safety reflective vest, I'm assuming the others are tellers and it's a shift change. It would be awesome to know they haven't forgotten about me and that my box is on the way.

Probably will not be using ups to ship things out. Will also make sure I request any incoming packages to not be ups as well. One of the many difference between ca and co I guess :-/" -Ryan Y.


Again not the type of place I usually pull the reviews for but it sound so delightfully bad that you guys need to know. I mean what kind of store has all of their cake turned upside down?!

"My review is mostly for the pharmacy, but I'll give a brief overview:

This Walmart has to be the most ghetto Walmart I've ever been to. The parking lot is full of shifty looking people, it is filthy, and the place closes at night. You know you're in a bad neighborhood if your Walmart closes at night instead of being open 24/7. The floors in there are disgusting, like they have never been washed. They seldom have more than two lanes open (come on, where's the self checkout?), making your average wait to be checked out nearly 20 minutes at night. I don't even buy food or really, anything at this Walmart anymore.

Which brings me to the pharmacy. I on average fill 3-5 prescriptions a month. One for the dog, 3-4 for me (depending if I've seen the dentist - ouch!), sometimes I pick up meds for family.

The average trip goes like this:
Get to the pharmacy. Is it closed? It closes from 1pm to 2pm. Wait for pharmacy to reopen for ten minutes. Stand in line, wait 20 minutes to pick up meds. Cashier then tells you she can't find you in the system and she's standing RIGHT NEXT TO the rack they keep all the completed prescriptions on. SHE CAN'T EVEN BE BOTHERED TO LOOK. She writes the first few letters of your name down and tells you to take it to the drop off window. Then, the drop off window lady searches until she finds it, usually takes 5 minutes. While you wait, the old lady pharmacist cusses out her staff and calls them idiots as if you can't hear them. You begin to lose hope. Maybe a stroke wouldn't be so bad compared to this, but your unmedicated dog...can't live with that.

Once they finally find the prescription, you have to get back in the pick up line behind a ton of other people and wait...again. Then, you finally get there and they find the medicine and sell it to you. You leave the Walmart and see the sun again for the first time in an hour, because it really took that long.

And that is what drove me to transfer all my prescriptions to King Soopers in Reunion. Management called me today and said they're trying to fix it. Nothing short of a total makeover of this store will impress me. Sorry, but Walmart needs to just be done in Commerce City, it is practically on life support as it is."-Kei S.

"Giving them one star since I know one of the cashiers there. Other wise if you want to get hit by the cart person cause he has his head phones on and doesn't care that your trying to park and takes up the spot your trying to get into. Then when you get out of your vehicle and he yells at you. So tried to talk to a manager and was told not my section. Tried to talk to his supervisor and was told to wait till he got off the phone on a personal phone call.
Since I was already in the store figured to get lunch hahahaha joke central, the food looked old and dried out in the hot display case. When asked when more fried chicken was coming out was told about and hour. GROSS
There was only about 4 items total in the display. Mind you this was at 12 noon I only have an hour for lunch.
Went to produce department good luck on finding produce bags there is only 3 stations so you have to wonder around to find them.
When to bakery to get a piece of cake and all were turned upside down.
From that point left and went to a fast food place another bad experience"-Patricia A.