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Dynamo finally play their three-headed monster

Fans finally get to see Bruin, Barnes and Torres on the field at the same time.

Trask Smith

After weeks of waiting Houston finally deployed their three headed monster against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday. What monster do I speak of? The feared Bruin-Barnes-Cubo monster.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't strike fear in the hearts of Western Conference opponents yet but it will right? Certainly there were miscommunications  and poor runs in the game against the Whitecaps, but when things came together the future looked bright for the Dynamo.

Giles Barnes looked like the Barnes we had seen at the start of the season making speedy runs and drawing fouls. Erick 'Cubo' Torres is still adjusting to the team, but you can see the brilliance in his play. He notched an assist in the game against the Whitecaps on a brilliant goal from Ricardo Clark. Will Bruin has been the teams top goal scorer this season with 10 goals, but hasn't seen much of the ball as of late. Part of the problem there has been the disconnect between the midfield and the forwards. This three headed monster won't be fruitful if they don't have the ball at their feet.

Of course this means that we need a name for said monster because it's 2015 and we have to name everything. I saw BBC floating around on Twitter but surely the DT readers have something stronger in mind. Let us know in the comments what you think the new beast should be called!

Ella Masar

Ella Masar was back at forward last night and with it came a goal which kinda of makes you wonder what the season would have been like if she had spent more time up the field and less time on defense. It also came with the usual (depending on where she is sitting with yellow cards) goal celebration of ripping off her jersey and a yellow card followed.