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Giles Barnes to return to the Houston Dynamo, reportedly

Barnes sounds close to signing a deal with the Houston Dynamo while the team struggles to finish out the season.

Giles Barnes #ForeverOrange
Giles Barnes #ForeverOrange
Trask Smith

Barnes back in orange

Under the radar on Sunday was a sneaky little tweet from Steven Goff that Giles Barnes will be returning in orange next season. According to Geoff, Barnes will be making DP-level money in which case dinner is on Giles.

Last season Barnes scored 11 goals for Houston and has six goals so far this season. He joined the Jamaican National team this year and has spent part of the season with the national team including and brilliant run at the Gold Cup.

No chemistry, no hope

Brad Davis' body language in the press conference after Houston's 3-1 loss to Real Salt Lake on Saturday night said all you needed to know about the game. Davis looked embarrassed and pissed as were many Houston fans some of who left the game early.

When you reach the point that your fans are leaving games early you have a problem - a big problem. Admittedly Dynamo fans are used to winning perhaps not in the dominate way that the LA Galaxy have but still the fans in orange expect playoffs. Barring a miracle fan won't be getting playoffs this season. Any money saved up for playoff trips can now be used to go to Vegas to drink away the pain of this season (and the last one if you are still holding on to that) and if they have a strong enough heart lay down a MLS Cup bet on another team.

The fans aren't the only ones who are starting to lose faith in the team. The players on the field look like they just don't care anymore. It pains me to say that and I have tried defend the players against the tweets the Dynamo Theory Twitter account gets from fan who say that they players don't care and they aren't trying, but I just can't anymore.

I have pointed out in the past that the team has a total lack of chemistry and the little bit of chemistry that is there seems to be waning. One of the things that first attracted me to the team was the strong bond and chemistry that seemed to run through out the whole team. I just don't see that bond anymore and it isn't something that has just popped up this year but has been growing over the last three seasons. All off seasons are important for teams but this one is vital for the team. They need to right the ship. Maybe even go so far as to blow up the team leaving only a handful of players and start over.

Loan Update

The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC came back from being down 0-2 to a 3-3 draw against Oklahoma City Energy FC thanks in part to a brace from Chandler Hoffman. He scored in the 71st minute and in stoppage time to tie the game. Taylor Hunter was back in Houston for the Dynamo's game against Real Salt Lake.

Zach Steinberger went the full 90 for Indy Eleven as they were defeated 2-0 by San Antonio.

In Charleston, Memo Rodriguez got on the field for the Battery, but to get the full low down on his time on the field check out Carson's Charleston Charge on Wednesday.