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Dynamo Film Session: Morales scores RSL's first goal

The Dynamo lost to Real Salt Lake Saturday in a match that was crucial to their playoff hopes. In this edition of Dynamo Film Session, we take a look at RSL's first goal scored by Javier Morales.

Javier Morales (11) scored RSL's first goal against the Dynamo.
Javier Morales (11) scored RSL's first goal against the Dynamo.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo really should've been better.

You can read my thoughts on the game here, but the gist of it is that manager Owen Coyle played lots of offensive firepower, yet still couldn't generate goals.

Anyway, let's get started!

The play begins with Devon Sandoval holding the ball up with his back to the goal:

Not really much to talk about here. Let's move on.

The pass goes backwards and then forwards again, from Sandoval to Morales to Joao Plata.

Sandoval backpedals towards the 18-yard box, off the left shoulder of AJ Cochran. The left-back should be aware of that and stay in line with the last defender to enforce the offside trap.

Now Plata controls it with a defender on him 1v1.

Sheanon Williams (blue line) should see Juan Manuel Martínez (red circle) behind him.

Plata picks out Martínez's run and plays him through, in behind Williams.

A swarm of players from both teams sprint into the box, ready for a cross or a rebound off a shot. Houston seem to have the numerical advantage.

I'm assuming that this was a shot attempt by Martínez, but then again it could have been a ground cross that just went a little too close to Tyler Deric. Whatever the case, Deric is forced to deflect the ball as it speeds in.

The Dynamo should be all over this. If the keeper parries the ball into the field of the play, wherever it may be, the defenders should immediately clear the ball either out of bounds or out of danger.

Deric doesn't get a lot on his touch and the ball ends up right in front of the goal. No defenders were there to clear at first (no one expects anybody to be in that position) so RSL have an opportunity to try and poke it in.

Dynamo defenders do what they can to keep it out until Deric gets back into the play.

They actually do a fairly good job of it until a rebound from a blocked shot comes out to Morales, who steps up and manages to lift it into the goal just as Deric sprints back.

The Dynamo almost did it.

Most people faulted the defense for not being able to clear the ball, and rightfully so, but let's point out that Williams left Martínez wide open on the wing. The cross/shot should never have come in in the first place, or at least should've been contested.

A good attack by Real Salt Lake, of course, also played a part.