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Dynamo Film Session: Counter-attack to perfection

The Dynamo stayed alive in the playoff race with a 3-2 win over the Rapids with Will Bruin playing his best game of the season. In this edition of Dynamo Film Session, we take a look at the first goal of the game.

Will Bruin (left) Leonel Miranda (center) and Giles Barnes combined to score the Dynamo's opening goal Saturday.
Will Bruin (left) Leonel Miranda (center) and Giles Barnes combined to score the Dynamo's opening goal Saturday.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Will Bruin should be on the USMNT radar. At this point, there's no question about it.

He showcased his skill set against the Colorado Rapids Saturday night. His combination of speed and strength as well as his underrated passing was on display; he had two assists in the 3-2 win.

The first of his helpers came just three minutes in on Leonel Miranda's goal that gave the Houston Dynamo a 1-0 lead. This installment of Dynamo Film Session analyzes the goal, which came on a perfect counter-attack.

We start with Bruin shrugging off a Rapids midfielder and pushing the ball forward:

Immediately after Bruin takes control of the ball, every attacker in orange begins to push up, ready to break apart the Rapids' back-four.

In this image, we get a better look at the defense of Colorado. They are actually pretty organized which is impressive considering that their team had just lost possession, but are being run at by four Dynamo players - not a good ratio for defenders.

Bruin has a variety of options here, but the best one is to make a quick move around the center-back in front of him. The three other players haven't gotten in good enough position to be passed to yet.

Bruin gets by the first defender and makes it a three-on-three.

Miranda (circled, yellow) is on the right wing standing wide open. The space in between the remaining center-back and the right back is also open and Giles Barnes (red arrow) will exploit that hole.

Barnes receives a through-ball from Bruin and takes a touch into the box. Miranda, who is still open on the wing, moves in as well.

The Jamaican missteps somehow (I can't really figure out what he was trying to do) and the ball finds its way to Miranda.

Miranda fires it into the bottom corner, giving both Bruin and Barnes assists.

Here's a video of the goal:

This play is all about Bruin. He created the play and then made the right decision to pass to Barnes. Colorado's defense could have been better, but lots of credit to the American here.