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Dynamo supporter section moving to North end

The Houston Dynamo have announced that the supporters section will now be in sections 215, 216 and 217.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Friday, fans who sit in the supporter's section at BBVA Compass Stadium were notified that the section would be moving to a new home. Starting in the upcoming season fans will now be in sections 215, 216 and 217. Previously fans were seated directly behind goal, but will now find themselves up a section higher and at the opposite end of the stadium. The higher seating will be more akin to the seats at the Dynamo's previous home, Robertson Stadium.

The team conducted two Supporter Summits prior to making the decision to get feedback from the fans that would be affected by the change. The move will give more space to the supporter's groups who had out grown their old sections. With more space they will now be able to sell individual tickets and partial season packages instead of only season tickets.

The e-mail that went out to fans said in part:

BIG MOVE: The supporters' section will be moved from its current location to the north end of the stadium. Supporters will now occupy Sections 215, 216 and 217 (pictured above, click here for details). These sections have proven to be good for large supporter groups attending international games at BBVA Compass Stadium.

This move allows for additional seating capacity and the proper space for supporters to celebrate the game with a dedicated area for instruments and more room to create incredible tifo displays.

It will be a general admission section with a greater capacity than the current location.

ENHANCED VALUE: In addition to the new location, the Dynamo are repurposing the Bud Deck and making it available to supporters in lieu of private group parties. Supporters will be able to gather in the Bud Deck before, during and after the game. A variety of beer selections and special beer prices will be available during the pre and post-game timeframes.

PRICING: Current 2016 season ticket prices will remain intact for supporters who have already bought their seats. Going forward, full season tickets in this section will be available for $310. Five and 10-game ticket packages will also be made available. Special individual, gameday ticket prices will available to supporters friends and family.

These moves are part of a multi-phase plan to eventually create a substantially larger supporter section. We believe that we will take large steps forward in 2016 with the plan of further expansions into other sections in 2017 and beyond.

Fans on Twitter already seem split on the move. While some are excited for the move to a 200-level section others have concerns over being on the north side of the stadium.

Either way the move is being made and the Dynamo are all in on Zona Naranja.

What do you think of the new home for the supporters section?