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Supporter move is part of bigger Houstonifying effort by Dynamo

While some fan worry that the moving of the supporter group section is motivated by money Brian Ching says it's about growing the fan base.

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

Recently, it was announced that the supporter group section of BBVA Compass Stadium would be moving from right behind goal to the North End of the stadium in the 200-level seats. While some people have expressed concern that the move is motivated by money the team says that the move is motivated by a desire to grow the supporter's groups. The groups, Houston has multiple SG's that occupy one section of the stadium, had maxed out the 500 seat area they previously occupied. Their new home will give them 700+ seats to fill with the possibility of expanding into the 100-level section below them. But the move isn't about just moving the supporter's but about growing the entire experience as a supporter.

"I want to have the whole stadium rocking," said Brian Ching, former Dynamo star and current managing director of the Houston Dash, told Dynamo Theory about the move. "I have looked around the league and I wanted our support to be able to grow. To create an atmosphere that people want to be a part of."

Ching is part of an initiative to grow and strengthen support for the Houston Dynamo and help strengthen the bonds between the fans and the players.

"The vibe has changed at the new stadium. Fans had more access when we played at Robertson Stadium," said Ching. "There is too much disconnect between the team, supporter's groups and the front office. I want to open up communication between players and fans."

I want us to take the game day experience and Houstonify it-Brian Ching

This move is just one part of Ching's plan to strength Houston. The team is looking at modifying the supporter area of the stadium so that it is more conducive to standing and chanting for the full 90. Fans who need a break (or a beer) can take refuge in the Bud Deck. If the groups have a chant or song that they want to push out the team is looking to include it in the game day packets to help get the whole stadium on the same page. It is not just Brian Ching who is getting involved former players like Eddie Robinson and current players like Will Bruin and Tyler Deric are part of the effort to create more unity on game day.

"I don't want the stadium experience to be like every other experience in the league. I want us to take the game day experience and Houstonify it," said Ching. "I want us to get back to where we were as a club in the beginning. To get back those strong connections we had right off the bat"

This isn't just a one and done effort. There will be monthly meetings to foster the relationships and grow the supporter's groups. Next up is a party on February 13 with information for current supporter's and people who are interested in joining the a supporter's group.