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New Year, Winning Resolutions

2016 is the year of winning resolutions.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year! The ball has dropped and the fireworks have fireworked, leaving us firmly in 2016.

With the beginning of each New Year people sit down and think about what it is they would like to change in their lives. Often times people set up goals that are too lofty or as the year progresses they fade into the background of the busy lives everyone leads. In January the gyms and health food stores are packed with people who promise themselves that this will be the year that they will hit the gym every day and will only eat organic food. Family time is suddenly more important as each family member promises to spend more time together as a group.

If you play for the Houston Dynamo then you resolve for the defense to give up less goals and/or to lift the MLS Cup. If you are Rob Lovejoy then you are sticking to trying to eat healthier this year.

For fans it can boil down to making more games at BBVA Compass Stadium or hitting the road with the team for away games. To become a season ticket holder or make it to more Houston Dash games.

Making it to more games sounds better than eating healthy right?