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Q&A with RGVFC's Charly Flores From The USMNT U-20 Camp

In his first camp with the USMNT U-20 squad, Charly Flores was able to fill me in on the exciting beginning to his professional career.

Dynamo Academy alum and RGVFC striker Charly Flores is currently in his first USMNT camp, with the U-20 side.
Dynamo Academy alum and RGVFC striker Charly Flores is currently in his first USMNT camp, with the U-20 side.
Juan Flores' Twitter

Juan "Charly" Flores was the first official signing of Houston Dynamo USL affiliate side, RGVFC, at the end of 2015. This week, he's been participating in his first USMNT camps, training with the U-20 side as they prepare for some exhibition matches in Florida. I was able to chat with Charly a little bit before he makes his U-20 debut.

Q: How did it feel to be called into camp with the United States Men's National Team U-20 club?

Flores: I was super excited, as soon as James Clarkson (Director of the Dynamo Academy) told me I was coming to the U-20 camp in Florida. I even ran to my mom and told her, almost about to cry.

Q: How has training with the U-20 club been this week?

Flores: It has been great. We have had very tough training sessions, also 2 sessions a day. The intensity is super high.

Q: How do you feel this experience will help you in your first professional season in 2016?

Flores: I think it will help me mentally and physically, to go into the preseason on the right foot with the first team. And like I said, we have had tough training sessions that have helped me physically.

Q: What are some of the main attributes you bring to the U-20 club, as well as Rio Grande Valley?

Flores: I think the main attribute I bring are my desire to work hard every day and most importantly, scoring goals.

Q: Have you had the chance to talk to your RGV Head Coach Wilmer Cabrera?

Flores: I have not been able to talk to Coach Cabrera yet, but I have heard great things from him.

Q: How excited are you to play alongside Christian Lucatero for the Toros this season?

Flores: Very excited actually, since we have been teammates for almost 2 1/2 years already. He knows what types of runs I do, when I want the ball to my feet or in behind the defenders. I am also positive we will develop together to the first team.

Q: For the fans who haven't had the chance to see you play, what current professional would you say your game resembles the most?

Flores: Sergio Kun Aguero (Argentina National Team and Manchester City striker) . His movement is outstanding and he can also finish almost anything he gets inside the box.

Q: Being a Dynamo Academy alum and Texas native, where's your favorite place to eat in Houston?

Flores: I can say my favorite is Olive Garden by miles.*laughs*

The camp will feature the U-20 side playing in The four exhibition matches between 1/8-1/12 in Miami.