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The Bull & Its Horns: Q&A with Memo Rodriguez

In his second professional season, Memo Rodriguez exploded onto the scene in the USL for RGVFC.

Memo Rodriguez was dangerous from anywhere near the attack in 2016, passing or shooting.
Onydia Garza

After being loaned as a rookie last year to the Charleston Battery, where he was scarcely used, Jose “Memo” Rodriguez had a breakout season for the Toros in 2016. The former Houston Dynamo Homegrown product finished the regular season with 6 goals and 7 assists, and added another dime in the playoffs. I was able to chat with Memo following the season about his progress, and what may be next.

Dynamo Theory: Obviously, the season didn’t end how anyone in the organization wanted it. But looking back, how pleased are you with the team’s debut regular season performance?

Memo Rodriguez: I think the team surprised everyone in the league. I'm very pleased with how we performed all season. It was great to see the team to come together.

DT: After not playing much your rookie season on loan to Charleston, how important was it for you to get such consistent time with the Toros?

Memo: It was a big Impact on my development. I believe I got better as the season went on, and I was very happy to be a key piece to the team.

DT: Christian Lucatero and Charly Flores were in similar roles to your season with Charleston. How did you see them handle the situation and grow in their rookie years?

Memo: They learned as the season went on, and they grew and gained more knowledge that will prepare them for the future.

DT: Wilmer Cabrera is one of the most qualified, talented coaches in the USL. What advice did you take away from him?

Memo: He motivated me to go every day in practice and in games. He just said have fun and play how you know how to play.

DT: What does Memo Rodriguez bring to the Houston Dynamo, or another MLS club?

Memo: I bring my work ethic to every practice, and every game. I try to do my best to help the team win in every way possible.

DT: What was your favorite moment of the 2016 RGVFC season?

Memo: When we beat Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, and I got two goals. After that match, we had a five day break, so we could enjoy those five days.

DT: You made a huge jump in production this season. What did you improve on most during this campaign?

Memo: Just getting used to playing LM or RM, and learning how to manage the game from those positions. All credit to Wilmer for helping me read the game a little better.

DT: On the flip side of that, what area of your game will you focus on this offseason?

Memo: I have to improve by just getting stronger, and every offseason, I feel a difference. I’m not going to stop until I get stronger.

DT: Speaking of the offseason, what are your plans now that the season is over?

Memo: Well my off season started the day our season ended. I’m working every day to get better, and stronger, because there was always room for improvement.

DT: You guys had a fun, close group this year. Who was the funniest player in the RGVFC locker room?

Memo: I would have to say Callum is the funniest *laughs*

DT: Last question, what would you like to say to the Toros’ supporters?

Memo: I want to thank them for the amount of support they brought to every game, and they always brought the energy we expected every game. We were so thankful for that.