Take Note Dynamo: This is how a club should react

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Columbus Upgrading

It's no secret that the Dynamo are facing a very important offseason. A franchise once synonymous with the MLS post season is spending its third straight playoffs on the outside looking in. If that wasn’t bad enough they are coming off their worst season in Franchise history.

Many of us have been calling for action for years. Wanting significant roster improvements to an aging and eroding team. What we got was lip service about "We have a Strong Core" and "We are looking for players that play the Dynamo Way" combined with a revolving door of patch work players, MLS retreads and bust random signings. Their responses to missing the playoffs have seemed to be nonchalant at best and dismissive at worst.

Even now that they are facing the irrefutable reality of the ineptitude of the roster are they talking about making major changes, significant upgrades to the roster, adding a DP etc.? No, they are out there minimizing expectations and saying they are "going to pursue all options". This is how a lame duck franchise responds to adversity. They bury their heads in the sand hoping it will get better. They get defensive when challenged about their short comings and failures.

But here we are three years later with little hope for significant change.

In a stark contrast to the Dynamo, Gregg Berhalter with the Columbus Crew came out in an article on this week promising and demanding a significant upgrade to the roster in the coming offseason. The Columbus Crew, a year removed from a trip to the MLS Cup final, respond to a year out of the playoffs in a manner that would energize any fan base, instilling hope and confidence.

Berhalter talks about needing to focus on players that can make an impact now not down the road. Saying that the starting lineup will look very different next season pointing to a need for four new starters. And while he says they are looking at DPs he also talks about all the significant tools that are at their disposal to improve the roster and manage the cap.

Columbus is far from a major market but when you look at their spending and the types of players they bring in they put the Dynamo to shame. If teams like Columbus, Portland, Kansas City and Salt Lake can create significantly more talented rosters with the same constraints in even smaller markets than Houston, why do the Dynamo struggle so much? Now I know talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words but after reading that article do you have any doubt that Columbus is going to go out and make the moves needed to improve their club?

Take note Dynamo FO and Ownership, this is how you respond to a bad season. You don’t sit pat and you certainly don’t delude yourself for three years until mediocrity becomes the norm.

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