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Houston Dynamo use graffiti to reveal new jersey

Dynamo reveal new black jersey.

Graffaiti artist GONZO247 looks over his #paintitblack jersey reveal artwork
Graffaiti artist GONZO247 looks over his #paintitblack jersey reveal artwork
Houston Dynamo Twitter

Why have the usual players standing on a stage reveal when you have a graffiti artist paint the new 2016 jersey on the side of a building? That's exactly what the Houston Dynamo did on Wednesday to reveal their new black jersey.

The Houston Dynamo have been teasing the new jersey with videos of players spray painting everything black. With the hashtag #paintitblack the team has worked hard to create a buzz around the long craved black jersey.

The team didn't just just talk about painting it black they set out to paint the city black. They enlisted the help of Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr., also known as GONZO247, to paint the corner of St. Emanuel & Leeland black. In just one day it all came together and fans finally had their black jersey.

So, what about this black jersey? With its tonal orange V that reminds most of the Germany World Cup jerseys, it is the long awaited black jersey that fans have clamored for since the team moved to Houston. The jersey has the Lone Star Flag of Texas on it with space city blue around the collar and Forever Orange written on the inside of the collar it leaves no element of Houston untouched.

How quickly does the black jersey have you screaming "TAKE MY MONEY"?