Join the Dynamo in their Week of Giving

Next week our Dynamo are hosting a "Week of Giving" in order to give back to the Houston community.

With the spirit of giving in mind, what are some of your favorite charities/organizations that you like to support either with your time or your hard-earned money? Sound out in the comments below with your favorites, what they do and why you support them. Next week the Dynamo are supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities, Loaves & Fishes (I believe that's the correct website), the Houston Food Bank, and then Habitat for Humanity.

Personally the church I'm a member of is my favorite place to spent time volunteering. Outside of that, Team RWB is a great organization to join up with. They help our Veterans reintegrate back into society when they leave active duty. They have social gatherings, run groups, bike groups and all sorts of other activities. You can run along side of Veterans in a 5k (all the way up to an Ultra Marathon if you're that insane...err dedicated), or help man a water station at a local race (seriously, handing out water is SO MUCH easier than grabbing a paper cup while running by!).

The best part about the 4 the Dynamo are supporting and the one I mention? You can help without giving a dime. In my experience giving your time is much more valuable to these organizations than a $20 check would ever be. Yes they need money to operate, but boots on the ground can be harder to come by.

Here's to a "week of giving" throughout our Dynamo family. 10 days until we #PaintItBlack

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