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Which team is the real Houston Dynamo?

The Dynamo dropped back to back road games after a high scoring start to the season but which is the real Dynamo?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Fair or Foul?

Was it a foul or wasn't it? I have seen few (if any) arguments that the penalty that was awarded to the Whitecaps on Saturday night was the right call. Most felt that either it was questionable if Jalil Anibaba touched Masato Kudo and even more felt that Kudo had no chance at getting to the ball. Because let's face it he had no shot at getting that ball.

The Dynamo are going to Dynamo

So after a great record breaking start to the season the Dynamo went on the road and well, turned into the Dynamo. They started off the season scoring more points than any team in league history but unfortunately the defense gave up almost as many goals as the Dynamo scored. Then on the road the defense started giving up more goals than the team was able to score.

But four games into the season which is the real Dynamo? The high scoring team that was able to outscore their opponents (or at least draw their opponents) or are they the team that we have seen for the last two weeks giving up goals on the road?

Over the weekend the Dynamo lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps thanks in part to a BS penalty call (see above), but they spent much of the first half turning over the ball. The midfield was rendered useless as they were unable to get the ball to Will Bruin. While possession improved in the second half the team was still unable to do much with the ball.

You could place a little blame on Giles Barnes absence due to injury and the absence of Boniek Garcia due to international duty, but the loss of those two players shouldn't determine the fate of the scoreboard. Perhaps the bigger loss would be that Tyler Deric has been out injured since the start of the season.

The team is off next week end and pick things back up on April 10 against Seattle.


The Dash are in Portland as part of a preseason tournament. They kicked things off with a 3-0 win over Oregon State University. Rookie Janie Beckie was responsible for two goals while Andressa scored the final goal of the game.

The Dash play the Seattle Reign on Wednesday at 7 pm CT.