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The Bull And Its Horns: Q&A With Toros' Jamaican Midfielder Jorginho James

Another piece to the always evolving RGVFC roster for 2016 is newly signed midfielder Jorginho James, also known as, Moon Man!

James goes to ground to dispossess an opposing player at this year's MLS Combine.
James goes to ground to dispossess an opposing player at this year's MLS Combine.
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo and Rio Grande Valley FC have worked hard to put together a talented roster for the upcoming 2016, but also a very diverse and promising group. Another player that fits that mold is the club's new midfielder, Jamaican Jorginho James. James was previously playing for Harbour View FC, in the Red Stripe Premier League, the top division in Jamaican soccer. Also with caps for the Jamaican National Team, more affectionately known as the Reggae Boyz, James brings international experience, as well as a wealth of potential that was spotted by US scouts at the MLS Combine this year, leading to his one year loan deal in Rio Grande Valley. I was able to talk to James about his arrival in Texas and his upcoming USL debut season.

Q: Growing up in Jamaica, who was your favorite player to watch?

James: My favorite player growing up was Michael Essien. For some reason he lead me to believe Ghana is the best African team *laughs*

Q: What made now a good time for you to move on from Jamaica and make the transition to the USL, and potentially the MLS down the road?

James: I think I am much more mentally and much more physically prepared to take on this journey.

Q: How long have you been in the United States? Is this your first trip here?

James: I came to the USA on a couple occasions before my arrival in Texas, which is my first time down this side. I have been here for little over 3 weeks.

Q: How has your experience with the Jamaican National Team helped you develop?

James: I think the national team impacted my life so much and gave me a lot more about what life as a pro is. At the time playing, I was fortunate to play with some top Jamaican players to name a few, Je-Vaughn Watson and Jermaine Taylor, that played in MLS at the time. It led me to change some of my thoughts about life on the field and a lot more off the field.

Q: Have you had the chance to talk to fellow Reggae Boy, Giles Barnes, about playing in Texas with the Dynamo organization?

James: I never got the chance to meet the Houston Dynamo and Jamaican International before but hopefully playing along with him here would be great. I heard that he has a great personality and I can see he is a fan favorite here at the Dynamo.

Q: How would you describe your style of play and is there any current pro you would compare yourself to?

James: I am a enforcer in the middle of the park, like to win ball, break up plays. I would compare myself to Micheal Essien.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of your soccer career?

James: My ultimate goal is to be better than who I was yesterday and I am sure with that I will be playing at the highest level there is.

Q: Do you have any nicknames the fans should know?

James: The guys here with the Toros called me "El Machete" Most people in Jamaica know me as "Moon Man." A friend in Jamaica nicknamed me that when I was 10. He called me for two reasons, my head he said shape like moon and also I was so good I would be like the moon in the night that stand out.

Q: What is one food from Jamaica that our American readers should try?

James: I take some of the players to a Jamaican restaurant here in Houston that's called" Cool Runnings" and let them have our rice and peas along with jerk chicken, curry goat chicken and they love it. It felt good to know I could take my teammates there and they was not disappointed in the meal. There are many other food from Jamaica Americans would love but the jerk chicken and the jerk pork is unbelievable.

It will be exciting to see Moon Man control the middle of the pitch for the Toros in 2016. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's almost Toros Time!